Yuqiang Liu


Yuqiang Liu was born in 1957 in Shandong province China. He received his PhD from China University of Geosciences School of Material Science and Technology after completing his Bachelor and Master’s degree in China University of Geosciences (Wu Han). He is a mineral geology senior engineer (professor level), mineral reserve appraiser and competent person.

Mr Liu worked as the Deputy Captain as well as the technical person in charge at No. 109 Geological team in Inner Mongolia for 12 years after completing his Bachelor’s degree in 1982. Mr Liu also worked as Deputy Director, Director of Science and Technology at Department of Geology and Mineral Resources (Bureau) in Inner Mongolia. He was the Deputy Chief Engineer at Bureau of Geological Survey as well as the Chief Engineer at Land and Resources in Shandong Province. Mr Liu serves as Director and Chief Engineer of Beijing CMA Consultancy Center, and as the full-time Vice President and Chief Engineer of China Mining Association since December 2003. He currently is an Executive Director of China Mineral Resources and Materials Innovation Alliance.

Mr Liu has published more than 30 articles in geological core publications and in academic conferences. He found a large and two medium-size coal deposits and reviewed over 2000 large-scale coal, metal, non-metallic reserves of geological reports and verification reports.  He is a Fellow member of the AusIMM and has recommended more than 20 competent persons.

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