FLSmidth – Networking partner

For more than 100 years, FLSmidth has sold equipment, plants and services to the mining industry. Today we sell productivity. Through advanced technology and unique process knowledge, our 12,000 employees across more than 50 countries drive sustainable productivity enhancement for our customers. We constantly seek to increase our customers’ out-put and decrease their total cost of ownership.
Our customers are increasingly focused on their responsibilities towards the environment and their local societies, and operations are becoming more complex and costly. FLSmidth has the knowledge and the technology to partner with our customers and provide them with solutions to address these challenges.

With a full flowsheet of premium technologies embedded in a unique combination of leading process know-how and services, we understand performance data and optimize customers’ operations, while minimizing environmental impact. Using the latest technology, we provide our customers with more reliable and optimized operations, proactive and predictive maintenance, as well as increased uptime and guaranteed performance.

Our vision is to drive success through sustainable productivity enhancement. We develop state-of-the-art products for our customers and empower them to make the best choices in a complex environment, where productivity and sustainability are key to managing total cost of ownership and driving long-term success.