Dr. Sibasis Acharya


Dr Sibasis Acharya is working as a Technical Director at the Citigold Corporation Ltd, an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) registered gold mining company since June 2016.

Skills, experience and expertise

Currently, he is involved in the setting of the overall direction and strategy for the business, monitoring and controlling the activities of the business, and communicating with shareholders and others connected with the business. He is also responsible for metallurgical and mineral processing projects, operation design, analysing data, looking for improvement of the process, interpretation of plant results and assisting clients in the development of test work programs. He has experience in research, operations, business development and projects across commodities including gold, silver, copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt and iron. He is considered as a world-class leader, metallurgist and mineral processing engineer with more than 18 years of experience in end-to-end project cycles from project development, studies, engineering design and commissioning, ramp-up and process optimisation.

Dr Sibasis’s qualifications include MBA (University of Queensland Business School), PhD (Metallurgical Engineering), MTech (Material Science and Technology), and MSc (Chemistry) and he is an active technical consultant with more than 18 years’ experience in metallurgy, material science and mineral processing subjects across several countries. His main objective is to use his management, analytical, technical and research and development skills to improve operational efficiencies and drive business growth through innovation.

His strengths include technological development, process improvement, operations design, implementation and data analytics. He has also acquired an extraordinary skill of leadership, strategic and business stewardship with high degrees of intelligence, integrity and self-confidence. Sibasis’s track record clearly demonstrates his abilities as a Technical Leader, Manager and decision-maker with a clear vision and a focus on efficiency, productivity and systems improvement.

Recently, he has been awarded a Fellow from the Chartered Management Institute, UK and a Fellow from the Institute of Managers and Leaders due to his current recognition in the leadership role at the Citigold Corporation Ltd, Australia and he is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy with experience in the fields of metallurgy and mineral processing. He has received an Honourary Fellow from the International Association for Engineering and Technology. He has received a good record of publications in peer-reviewed journals and has addressed successfully many diverse audiences in national and international conferences. He is working as an editor, reviewer and technical advisor in several material science, metallurgical and mineral processing journals.

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