Russell Mervyn Murray


Russell Murray was born in Elliminyt, Victoria on 12 July 1877. Completing his education with a degree in Mining Engineering at University of Melbourne, he was keen to gain employment with the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Co Ltd, and did so in the role of draftsman and assistant surveyor in 1900. He went on to become Acting Manager in 1906, Engineer-in-Charge in 1907, and finally General Manager in 1922 – succeeding Robert Sticht.

Russell worked his entire career at Mount Lyell, transforming it from a complex of high grade underground mines – at one time prior to 1920 it was the largest in Australia – to the large scale, low grade open pit operation which it was to become for more than 40 years, before once again reverting to underground.

Russell was President of the AusIMM in 1927 and received the Institute Medal in 1943.

He retired in 1944 and died at Queenstown on 22 January 1945. His eldest son, Hugh Murray, followed in his father’s footsteps as General Manager of the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Co Ltd in 1948.

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