Peter Waggitt


Peter Waggitt is currently Director Uranium Mine Closure, Mines Division, Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Resources.

Peter is a long-term member of AusIMM and a staunch supporter of good rehabilitation and closure practices in the mining sector. He has, for many years, been a committee member or chair of various AusIMM Communities of Interest, including the Darwin/Northern Territory Branch and Chartered Professional (CP) Committee, as well as a CP assessor.

Peter has worked in Australia and overseas. The most notable overseas experience is perhaps his IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) role in abandoned uranium mine remediation globally. Peter was also instrumental in establishing UMREG (Uranium Mine Remediation Exchange Group), which has functioned for many decades, bringing together practitioners challenged by remediation of uranium mines, past and present. Through this forum Peter has ensured that the knowledge gained from experienced practitioners globally is shared with others so that knowledge can be attained and progress can be made on these challenging sites.

Peter was also involved in the remediation of former uranium mines in the South Alligator Rivers Region (Gunlom Land Trust).

Peter is a generous person, who shares his knowledge and supports everybody in the mining industry. Peter is to be commended in his achievements, his ongoing loyalty and support of AusIMM.

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