Jionghui Wang


Jionghui Wang FAusIMM is Assistant President of China Minmetals Corporation, vice general manager of China Minmetals Corporation Limited, which is a Chinese state-owned diversified metals and mining company based in China; and General Manager of Minmetals Exploration and Development Co Ltd. He also serves as Chinese Observer of CRIRSCO, Vice President of China Mining Association, Executive Director of Chinese Society on Economics of Geology and Mineral Resources, Executive Director of Chinese Association of Mineral Resources Appraisers.

Jionghui has over 30 years’ experience in mineral resources strategy, exploration and development, mergers and acquisitions and restructure of mining projects and resources integration. With consolidated professional knowledge and sensitive market awareness, he has successfully explored win-win commercial business operation models and built new commercial exploration mechanisms. He was awarded the title of Chinese National Model Worker and enjoyed special government allowances of the State Council of China.

In recent years, Jionghui has overseen several major projects in China. Nearly ten large deposits have been found. Meanwhile, the team led by Jionghui actively explored the resource distribution strategy of ‘Go Global’ and have conducted studies of major metallogenic areas such as South America, North America and east Africa.

Jionghui pays close attention to the application of new technology and new methods in the mining industry. He first put forward the concept of ‘New Technology Minerals’ and has been active in advocating the innovative development path of combining domestic new technology minerals and new materials. Jionghui has proposed concepts and ideas at summits which have had a significant impact on the industry.

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