Corinne Unger


Corinne first heard about the AusIMM when she was living in Jabiru, Northern Territory and employed by ERA Ranger mine. A guest presentation at an AusIMM meeting on mine rehabilitation of German lignite mines captured her attention. After joining the AusIMM, Corinne continued in her mine rehabilitation and closure career, coordinating research at Ranger Mine to support long-term remediation plans. Later, based in central Queensland, Corinne managed abandoned mines for the Queensland government. Having pulled together the resources and a plan for the Mount Morgan mine rehabilitation project – which spanned several years – Corinne became a self-employed consultant in Brisbane.

In 2009 she won a Churchill Fellowship to study abandoned mine rehabilitation and post-mining land use overseas. Following this Fellowship, she undertook research within the Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation at the Sustainable Minerals Institute at the University of Queensland. Her focus was on abandoned mine jurisdictional maturity, following the development of Australia’s Strategic Framework for managing abandoned mines in 2010. Corinne also won two ACARP research grants to study mine rehabilitation and closure knowledge management and to develop an online wiki for central Queensland coal mine rehabilitation practitioners.

Corinne contributed to the process of internal engagement within AusIMM on abandoned mines, including development of a discussion paper, member survey and co-authored the report on those outcomes. Corinne was the inaugural Chair of the Community and Environment Society of the AusIMM. She is a CP(Env) and until recently a CP Board member. Corinne was also a Technical Review Board member for the Victorian government mining regulator, providing advice on rehabilitation during and after the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry. Early in 2017, Corinne won a QRC/DEHP mine rehabilitation scholarship to undertake her PhD on mine closure within the UQ Business School.

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