Bob Kininmonth


Bob Kininmonth graduated in 1955 as a Mining Engineer from the Otago University School of Mines.

Subsequently he gained certification as a mine manager in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and New South Wales.

He has had 59 years of continuous membership of the AusIMM since joining in 1959.

He has been involved in a number of AusIMM publications. In 1986, Monograph 12 Australasian Coal Mining Practice was published, with Bob on the editorial panel. In 1993 the second edition was published with Bob a chapter author, as well as being on the editorial panel. In 2009 he was co-editor of the third edition.

In 1983, Bob was co-author of Monograph 21 History of Coal Mining in Australia, a reference book explaining how this important industry started and developed.

Bob is an active member of the Southern Coalfields Outburst Committee, a group established in 1996 to promote understanding of the mechanisms that lead to  coal outbursts within operating coalmines.

Bob is currently a Principal Editor of the Coal Operators Conference that has been held each year for the past 18 years and is supported by the University of Wollongong and the AusIMM Illawarra Branch.

Bob has also been involved in promoting learning within the coal mining industry, particularly in the Illawarra.

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