Victorian State Government

Partnering with AusIMM fosters the Victorian Government’s connection with the industry’s professionals. This provides the opportunity to improve industry perceptions and contribute to lifting industry standards and growing professional services. This is essential to ensure Melbourne maintains its position as a global Mining, Equipment and Technology Services hub, including as Australia’s leading METS exporter, and home to headquarters of some of the world’s biggest mining companies.

Key focus for partnership:

  • Reinforce our commitment to maintaining Victoria’s status as a global METS hub and centre of excellence.
  • Reinforce the Victorian Government’s commitment to the sector, particularly: modernising the regulator to create greater certainty, efficiency and reduce costs for industry through the Better Regulation’s Continuous Improvement Program.
  • Encouraging exploration through the Victorian Government’s $15 million TARGET Minerals Exploration Initiative to co-fund early stage mineral exploration in the State’s most prospective geological provinces.  Also through leading edge geoscience programs and releasing pre-competitive data in Victoria’s most prospective areas, led through the Geological Survey of Victoria.
  • Improving stakeholder and community confidence in the minerals sector.